About Us

Antoxis is a pre-clinical, drug discovery company that has achieved major R&D milestones and the granting of patents to protect its novel Kromics technology platform.

The Company's proprietary technology is developed from an in-depth knowledge of free radical biology and redox chemistry. This has resulted in the design of a new molecular class that is highly-effective in protecting human cells from oxidative stress and free radical damage.

The Company is applying its Kromics technology platform to the development of treatments for clinical conditions involving oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction.

The mitochondria are organelles contained within the cell that have a key role in producing the cell's energy requirements along with other important functions such as cell signalling and differentiation. A cycle of oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death is observed in a number of human diseases. Consequently, developing compounds that can target and protect the mitochondria has been highlighted in the scientific literature as a potential strategy in the treatment of a variety of clinical conditions.

Antoxis’ initial therapeutic focus is on Parkinson's disease and ischaemic stroke where there is significant unmet clinical need.

A second strand of Antoxis' pre-clinical development programme is centred on compounds, within the Kromics platform, that exhibit anticancer activity through alteration of a cell's mitochondrial redox environment. The major goal in this area is to provide new chemical entities (NCE's) for use in combination with current chemotherapeutic regimes to enhance efficacy and reduce side effect profiles.

Antoxis is also engaged in the field of regenerative medicine where it is developing related small molecules to influence cell processes, such as differentiation, and to improve the viability of transplanted cells by protecting against reperfusion damage and oxidative stress. 


Chair - Andy Porter

Chief Scientific Officer - Donald McPhail

NXD - Malcolm Gillies

Company Secretary - Keith Winton