Chief Scientific Officer

Donald McPhail (CSO) is a founder of Antoxis and inventor of its granted patents. A chemist by training, he worked at the Macaulay and Rowett Research Institutes in Aberdeen where he specialised in the application of electron spin resonance techniques to study free radical processes in biological systems. His main interests gravitated towards the role of phytochemical polyphenols in modulating cellular redox status and the implications of this for human health. He developed internationally recognised methods to determine the antioxidant activity of dietary components with a particular interest in the relationship between chemical structure and antioxidant activity. With over 50 peer-reviewed journal publications he has been a member of four EU Commission Scientific Steering Committees. He was awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship in 2005 to establish Antoxis and commercialise its redox platform technology.


Chair - Andy Porter

NXD - Malcolm Gillies

Company Secretary - Keith Winton