Commercial and IP

Business strategy

Antoxis’ objective has been to secure broad patent coverage to protect an exceptionally wide portfolio of bio-active, synthetic structures emanating from the core Kromex™ redox scaffolds. Among this broad spectrum of synthetic structures, Antoxis has identified lead compound families that rapidly enter and are retained in the mitochondria and demonstrated the required potency to treat high-value opportunities such as reperfusion damage in regenerative medicine, cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Antoxis is now looking to accerlerate the development of two of its lead compounds, Proxison™ and Oncamex™ through selected partnerships.

- Proxison™ Regenerative Medicine, an inhibitor of lipid peroxidation and reperfusion damage of transplanted stem cells. Rapid cell uptake and long lived activity during the key 48 h post-transplantation. Potential to be developed as a Medical Device.

- Oncamex, a mitochondrial redox modulator, with proven efficacy in a xenograft model and able to sensitise TRAIL-resistant cancer cell lines to paclitaxel.

- Proxison™ CNS, an inhibitor of oxidative stress in mitochondrial dysfunction, with proven efficacy in Parkinson’s and Stroke models of disease.


Intellectual property

Antoxis has granted patents, including the USA, covering composition of matter and the use of its compounds clinically. Further applications have been filed to protect new molecular design concepts and their use in regenerative medicine applications. Antoxis' patent portfolio secures a broad IP position protecting over 100 Million molecular variants within the Kromex™ scaffold.