Monday 21st January 2019

Research at the University of Pecs demonstrates that Proxison reverses aberrant mitochondrial function and morphology in cells from LAM patients

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a rare disease primarily affecting younger women with the average age of diagnosis around 35. The condition is characterised by cystic lung destruction, lymphatic involvement and the growth of benign renal tumours. Proliferation of abnormal smooth-muscle-like LAM cells results in a progressive deterioration of lung function over many years. 

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Wednesday 20th September 2017

Research at the University of Edinburgh indicates that success of cell-based therapies could be boosted by Proxison

Cell therapies being developed to treat a range of conditions could be improved by ProxisonTM, which new research undertaken by the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh suggests can aid cell survival.

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Friday 1st April 2016

Antitumour activity of Oncamex demonstrated in pre-clinical breast cancer models

OncamexTM is a proprietary, synthetic flavonoid derivative being developed by Antoxis for use as an anticancer agent. The compound, which is rapidly absorbed into tumour cells, has been shown to target the cell mitochondria where it modulates the redox environment. Studies have now been completed in pre-clinical breast cancer models, which demonstrate the antitumour activity of this novel-acting agent. Further details can be found by following this link

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Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Antoxis showcase at BioDundee

 Antoxis presented as an invited showcase company at this years BioDundee conference, June 2015, in the Regenerative Medicine session. (

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Tuesday 10th March 2015

Antoxis at BIOSpring

To seek additional partners for its range of mito-active compounds, Antoxis attended BIOSpring in March 2015 in Paris, France. (

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Monday 3rd November 2014

Antoxis at BIOEurope

In order to look for more partners to develop our technology further, Antoxis engaged with several delegates of global pharmaceutical companies at BIOEurope in November 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. (

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Monday 14th October 2013

Antoxis appoints Chief Operating Officer

Antoxis is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Tony Aldhous as Chief Operating Officer. Tony has over 20 years experience of working with high-growth companies, with roles including Head of Business Development with Scottish Enterprise, and Director of Aberdeen Science Parks. Originally, trained in Engineering, Tony has a PhD from Imperial College in London. He is also currently Non-Executive Director of a Scottish life science company.

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Monday 27th May 2013

Antoxis strengthens board with new NXD appointment

Antoxis is pleased to announce the appointment of Douglas Thomson as NXD to the board. Douglas has significant international experience as CEO, Business and Commercial Director of privately funded biotechnology companies having concluded over 50 deals with pharma, biotech and academic partners. Trained as an analytical chemist, previously, Douglas has worked for almost twenty years in a number of therapeutic biologics companies in executive, operational and commercial roles. He is Chairman and NXD of a number of biotech companies. 

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Friday 10th May 2013

Antoxis completes equity investment

 Antoxis has completed a further funding round to support its pre-clinical development programme and build its patent portfolio. The round was led by Grampian BioPartners, with investment from Genomia Fund, TriCapital and the Scottish Co-investment Fund.

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Thursday 12th July 2012

New US patent granted

Antoxis IP estate has been significantly strengthened by the granting of a new US patent which extends coverage of its technology platform to over 100 Million molecular variants. 

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Tuesday 10th April 2012

Antoxis presents at BioTrinity Company Showcase

Antoxis has been selected to present at the BioTrinity Company Showcase event (Day 1, Track 1, 16.30). BioTrinity is Europe's largest biotechnology partnering and investment conference and is being held at Newbury racecourse 24th - 26th April. The Showcase commences on the 25th.

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Friday 30th March 2012

Prof. Andy Porter (FRSE) announced as Antoxis new chairman

Antoxis is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Andy Porter (FRSE) as chairman. Andy brings a wealth of experience to the company from his extensive involvement in the biotechnology sector, including the founder of Haptogen which was bought out by Wyeth, and his role as an Angel investor through Grampian BioPartners which he also founded.

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Tuesday 24th January 2012

Antoxis completes equity investment

Antoxis has now competed a funding round to move forward its pre-clinical programme and to strengthen its patent portfolio. The round was led by Grampian BioPartners with investment from the Genomia Fund, TriCapital and existing Directors.

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